Letters From Jan

Florida Fresh Meat Company

Dear Friends,

The Florida Fresh Meat Company is very proud to be on the forefront of producing high quality locally raised and produced proteins.

The Florida Fresh Meat Company does not source from any one single farm or ranch for its meat program. A business model in which we put “all our eggs in one basket” would be problematic and would not make for wise business OR supply. Therefore, we source and partner with many local ranchers and farmers throughout north central Florida. This insures a steady year round supply of high grade gourmet quality meats for you, our customers and distributors. We are proud that we involve many experienced livestock growers throughout our community, as we strongly believe in “feeding our community from within our community!”

Local farmers and ranchers frequently contact us with a desire to sign on to our program. We regularly interview these farms to determine whether they have the quality that we have become known for. Most are rejected as they do not produce the high quality livestock that we require. Those that qualify must adhere to very strict feed programs and principles, i.e. no pesticides, no hormones or antibiotics, clean healthy feed and with regard to our cattle, an all grass fed and finished program.

We thank all of you; our farmers and ranchers, our distributors, our retail outlets, our customers, and our chefs, for your continued commitment to a real, functioning, local and sustainable meat program.

All the best,

Jan Costa, Director

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