Whole Beef – Approximately 700 – 800 LB Hanging Weight – Price per LB


Grass Fed Whole Beef Based on an 700 – 800 LB Hanging Carcass Weight.  Call to order 352-307-8400

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Grass Fed Whole Beef Based on an 700 – 800 LB Hanging Carcass Weight.   Hanging Carcass Weight is the weight of the beef once the hide, head, hoofs and organs have been removed, BUT prior to cutting the individual steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc.  Our hanging Carcass Weights vary between 700 – 800 LBS on the average.  The cost for a whole beef is $6.25 per pound, (HCW).  For example, a 700 LB carcass would cost $4,375.00 ($6.50 x 700 = $4,375.00) and an 800 LB carcass would cost $5,000.00 ($6.25 x 800 = $5,000.00).  Half, Quarter and Eighth beefs are available and increase by $0.25 per LB with each lower increment.  The net yield varies from animal to animal, and we usually yield up to 70% on our beef cattle.  There is some waste (like having a whole fish cut at the fish market) that is not salvageable or usable.  Our grass fed Angus cattle tend to be leaner so you end up with a higher net yield to your freezer.  Approximately 557.00 net LBS to your freezer (based on 800 LB HW).

Call to order or for more information.  Please note:  we must have 2 weeks advance notice in order to package your order.

Our grass fed cattle are raised on a variety of gourmet grasses; clover, wheat, rye, perennial peanut and a variety of legumes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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