Bulk Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed – Gourmet – Restaurant Quality Beef

Call your family – Call your friends!

Florida Fresh Meat Company has successfully developed a CSA & BUYING CLUB program.

We make it affordable for families to get the benefit of bulk buying!

We can divide a beef carcass into as many as 8 equal shares! AND, we do the shipping!

From $6.25 per pound (hanging/carcass weight)*

Please call our Customer Service Line 352-566-8586 with any questions

*Prices are based on hanging carcass weight. Carcass weight is the weight of the beef once the hide, head, hoofs and organs have been removed. Carcass weights vary between 600 – 800 lbs on average.  The cost for the beef is $6.25 per pound, hanging carcass weight. A 700 lb carcass would cost $4,375.00 ($6.25 x 700 = $4,375.00) An 800 lb carcass would cost $5,000.00 ($6.25 x 800 = $5,000.00) The net yield varies from animal to animal, usually 60% – 65% on fat cattle and up to 70+% on leaner cattle. Our grass fed angus cattle tend to be more leaner so you end up with a higher net yield to your freezer. At the time of ordering your beef we require a 50% deposit. Cancellation of custom orders after beef has been cut are subject to a re-cutting fee of .50 per pound.